Brett's Journey

I'm passionate about thriving in life and sharing experiences with others. I really enjoy being around others who want to thrive in life, whatever that may be. Some are millionaires, some are not, but together we share a common desire to live a fulfilling life.

My clients are located across the globe, which provides me with a diverse and balanced view of what is required to achieve meaningful outcomes. I believe there is no one-way to succeed, although there are a lot of dry gullies that lead you no-where.

I help many clients transition from overheads to freedom. As a minimalist, mac-nerd and technology-geek, I implement practical solutions that evolve in sync with our ever changing world.

I help start-ups and entrepreneurs realise their vision. I serve as my client's virtual in-house financial expert. I am often my client's most trusted relationship. The majority of my new clients are referrals from existing clients.

My journey also means that I learn something new each day and share my life with my wife Melita and our two kids. I'm also a part-time cyclist and proud member of Gold Coast Suns football club. After living on the Gold Coast for 16 years, we returned to be closer to family and now live on the Surf Coast, Victoria.